Cars 7    Hotels 3    Flights 1:flying time 8.5 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 2    Elephant 1

Today my guide is Bhardi.  The first stop is Hawa Mahal, (the Palace of Winds), it’s beautiful, but as it sits on the main road it is difficult to get a good photo.  All the buildings have to be painted this colour and no building is allowed to be higher than three storeys high.

Next stop was Amber Fort, however its correct name is Amer fort, ‘Amber’ is what the British called it and the Indian government still haven’t changed it. My worst nightmare, a elephant ride up the steep slope to the fort, I spent the whole time I was on the elephant worrying about cruelty and the poor elephants. Later when I was back in the car Bhardi told me they only do three trips up the hill and back and they stop at 10.30 because of the heat and don’t start again until the evening.   Still not sure I think it’s a good thing, I was in a seat thingy and I thought it would fall off the elephant, ridiculous state to get in.

The views of the city are spectacular from the fort. The fort itself was impressive and worth all the hassle with the bloody elephants.

Next stop was the UNESCO World Heritage site of Jantar Mantar, a royal observatory. I thought this place was amazing, the instruments look like modern art, to me it

looks like a sculpture park, however it was actually built in 1728, and the instruments are still accurate today. Brilliant stuff.

Next was the City Palace and Museum, the current Maharaja and his family live here although not in the bit open to the public.  The museum was interesting, worth the visit just to see some trousers which belonged to a really obese Maharaja.

I rally liked Jaipur, the streets are cleaner, it seems to be less frenetic, a nicer vibe.  Last few photos of the hotel.






2 Replies to “Day 6 23 April”

  1. Actually I did one today and it’s on here, the guides keep offering to take photos of me, I already know what I look like, so why would I ruin a perfectly good shot by putting me in the front of it. Not going to happen, xxxx


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