Cars 10    Hotels 4    Flights 1:flying time 8.5 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 2    Elephant 1

Pushkar has a population of approximately twenty five thousand people and five hundred temples.  Perhaps the most famous of these temples is the (Hindu) Brahma Temple, a thousand years old, the only Brahma Temple in the world.  Hundreds of Hindu pilgrims visit this temple every day, as well as people from other religions.  I visited the Brahma temple this morning, photos of the temple are not allowed. While I was listening to what my guide was telling me I noticed I was getting stared at. Then three giggly girls came up  and asked if they could have a photo with me.  My guide explained that they don’t see many tourists, (white skinned) at this time of year, (it’s almost the end of tourist season, which is great for me as less people).  I also got lots of waves from people who I caught staring at me, very funny.

To get to the Brahma temple I had to walk through the town, one of the things I noticed was how clean it was, no rubbish anywhere, there are no hawkers or beggars either, the first place I have visited where this is so.  There were plenty of cows wandering around, and as always  women in their beautiful, brightly coloured saris, I also managed to get a photo of a milkman, I’ve seen these a lot but never managed to capture an image of one.

Pushkar has a peaceful vibe to it, its very small but quite lovely.  There were lots of food stalls, here is  what I thought were a couple of the best ones.

We were walking to the lake, also visited as part of the Hindu pilgrimage, when we came across a wedding, the musicians had interesting outfits on, the guy on the horse is a wedding tradition in India, and the ladies were just dancing in the street.

Every year on 5 November for 5 days Pushkar has a camel festival. A thousand camels arrive at this tiny town, now the camel is not the most fragrant of beasts so I think a thousand camels will be quite stinky! However the festival does sound fun.  There are lots of competitions: best decorated camel, best horse riding,  best looking camel, best moustache, best turban, Miss Rajasthan and my favourite, best camel dancing. There is a stadium in the town where all this takes place, as well as gypsy dancing and buying and selling of camels.

Pushkar lake is a natural lake, the water comes from a spring and Hindus visit the sacred water to ‘wash away the sins of a lifetime’. When I got there, lots of monkeys were on the steps and they had just been fed. I’m not a fan of getting near the monkey as they can be quite vicious, I suspect these were being nice because they were stuffing their faces.  I did think it was interesting that the monkeys were also checking the cows for ticks, so hence some monkey shots.

I really liked Pushkar.

Spent the afternoon by the pool which I had all to myself!






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  1. Why is there a green bucket on the floor in front of your feet? Are they being cautious having seen how many cocktails you’ve been guzzling?


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