Day 14 & 15 1 & 2 May

Cars 18    Hotels 8    Flights 3:flying time 19.00 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 2    Elephant 1     Country 1    Boat 1

This morning transfer from the hotel in Udaipur to the airport for flight back to Delhi. I flew the Indian version of EasyJet and I was really impressed.  In Delhi drive back to the Maidens Hotel for a night, it is so lovely to be back at this delightful place, they upgraded me to a suite so it was a shame I had to leave at 9am on the 2 May, I would love to have rolled around here for a bit longer. The hotel is 22km from the airport, the traffic was normal for the time of day, it took 1 hour 40 minuets to get there! Delhi International airport is not a joyous experience, and the business lounge I used was poor.  Arrived back at Heathrow on the 2nd, around 7pm as flight had a slight delay. Staying at the Hilton hotel at Terminal 4.

So that was India, I have mixed feelings about it, some of it was really good but a lot of it wasn’t, I met some lovely people but these were in the minority.  Would I recommend it? no, not unless you are really desperate to experience the country.  I never have expectations when I go somewhere I haven’t been before, I wait to get the ‘feel ‘ of a place, and with India this feel wasn’t a great one really.

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