Cars 13    Hotels 6    Flights 1:flying time 8.5 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 2    Elephant 1     Country 1

I left the hotel today at 9am for a long, tedious drive to Udaipur, arriving at 3.30pm.  The day didn’t start well when my driver advised me we were going to have a stop on the way to feed a cow and if I wanted he will take my photo,  I told him there will be no feeding of a cow and no photo of me either.  Half the journey was on really bad roads so it wasn’t great, the tedium was occasionally broken by sights, cows/buffalo are common sights wandering around the roads but today I saw lots of herds of sheep.  I was pleased to get these photos as I have seen a lot of these beautiful red turbans on men today but hadn’t been able to get a good shot.

We climbed high into the mountains and stopped for lunch at a place with an amazing view, but not great food. Next to the venue a hotel is being built and when I was taking photos I noticed women working on the building site, quite common out here.  We were due to leave when I saw they had stopped for their lunch, so I took some photos, they loved it and I had to show them what I had taken.

One of the girls told the driver she had been missed out of the shot, so I took one of her on her own, she asked the driver if she could have a copy next time he is there. These girls are aged between 12 and 14 and are all married.

At first I thought this was a wedding, but when we stopped to get some photos the driver found out it was a celebration of the water programme, the women were queueing up with pots of water on their head to go to the shrine to give thanks.

The hotel is situated on the edge of lake Picola, with good views across the lake both from my rooms and from the hotel restaurant.




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