Cars 18    Hotels 8    Flights 5:flying time 32.50 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 2    Elephant 1     Country 1    Boat 1

My flight to Rome was delayed by nearly an hour, so I was panicking that I would miss the connecting flight to Rio, however the lovely flight attendant checked for me and advised my flight was delayed two hours. I managed to get this shot of the sun set on the mountains.


I never really get bothered about things like delays as there is little one can do about them, but I was quite pleased about this one, as when we landed some of the passengers had to run to get their flights. This said Rome airport was a bit grim as everything had closed, the business lounge was awful, I don’t really understand the thought process behind what some airlines think is acceptable to provide for passengers. This lounge had two surly souls serving drinks and some rather mouldy curled up snacks. The other reason I was quite pleased the flight was delayed was it meant that I would land in Rio de Janeiro around 7am rather than the scheduled 5am.  I flew with Alitalia, some of the best food I’ve eaten on a plane.

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