Cars 19    Hotels 9    Flights 5:flying time 32.50 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 2    Elephant 1     Countries 2

Boat 1


I got to my hotel around 8.30am, it’s right on Copacabana  beach.  There is a promenade which runs the whole length of the beach, and here one can see all Cariocas (the locals), going about their daily routines.  Cariocas appear to be dog lovers, they were all out this morning walking their hounds,  with the sweetest sight, an older chap having a conversation with his dog as he was walking along. Those that weren’t walking dogs were jogging, making use of the static mini gyms dotted along the beach, power walking, cycling, or playing some sort of sport on the beach.

Beach sports include, football, (of course), volley ball and beach tennis which is like volley ball with rackets.  They take their keep fit very seriously here, I saw lots of personal trainers putting people through their paces, and it wasn’t just the beautiful people of Rio, it was a complete cross section of Cariocas.  I have to mention, the budgie smuggler.  This item of clothing is alive and well and being displayed with great versatility by the men of Rio.  All shapes and sizes wear them, either to stroll along the promenade or to play sports in, not sure it was ever a good look, and it’s still not.

They like a sand sculpture here, I’ve got the ones I liked on here. The sea is very cold and very rough, I will not be swimming in it.  These shots were taken from the promenade and show how high the spray gets when the waves pound the beach, it looks spectacular from a distance and the sea spray looks like mist over the beach.

This evening I had a stroll around the city and found a lovely place for supper, I sat outside and had a local dish,  a yummy sort of prawn stew, with coconut.  It’s very safe to wander around here, there is a good feel to this city.




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