Cars 20    Hotels 9    Flights 5:flying time 32.50 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 2    Elephant 1     Countries 2

Boat 1    Cog-wheel train 2    Cable cars 4    Subway 2

Today I took the subway to what they call downtown Rio, for a guided walk. Downtown is where the main shopping areas are.  It’s still green and leafy, but also more of what one would expect of a city, with lots of noisy traffic. There wasn’t anything of particular architectural interest, apart from the arches in an area called Lapa.  The arches were once a viaduct built in the 1700s and now used as a tram line. There was a craft fair when I was there but in the evening food and drink stalls are set up and salsa and other styles of music are played.

The Selaron steps are very famous, Chilean born artist Jorge Selaron, began renovating the steps on a whim in 1990 and continued until his death in 2013.  The tiles come from over 60 countries.

After all the walking I went back to Copacabana beach had some lunch and  caipirinhas and watched Rio at play.  The beach is a lot busier at the weekend, extended families or large groups of friends stake out a pitch and spend all day here, from as early as 7am.  The number of beach sellers also increases at the weekend, and they set up their stalls on the beach selling drinks, snacks, and beach toys. It’s a very relaxed vibe here, I like Rio.


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