Cars 24    Hotels 10    Flights 6:flying time 35.01 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 2    Elephant 1     Countries 3

Boat 1    Cog-wheel train 2    Cable cars 4    Mini trains 2

This morning I went to the Argentine side of the Iguazu falls.  The falls are nearly three miles wide and 300 feet high. I did a lot of walking on metal walkways across the river that feeds the falls, some of it was rather scary, and the walkways go right up to some of the falls so you can see right over the top of them.  Great if one doesn’t suffer from vertigo as I do.

There are lots of butterflies dancing along the walkways, brightly coloured and very pretty.  Birds occasionally land on the hand rails and pose for a photo.

The sun finally came out today, which got rid of the damp feel to the air since I’ve been here.

Once the first trail was completed we had to get a little electric train to get to the next part of the park.

Once off the train there were more walkways over the water until one comes to the ‘devils throat’.

I got soaked when I got to the devils throat, because the spray from the water is like being in a shower, I was too scared to go to the very edge which is why the photos of this are through the rails of the walk way.

So that is the Iguazu falls from both the Brazilian (yesterday) and Argentine side, and they are magnificent. I finished earlier that expected, my guide said he didn’t normally finish until about 12, it was only 11, I advised there is only so much staring at water falling over a cliff one can do, fabulous as it is. So he dropped me off in the town of Iguazu.  There isn’t much to see here really, just a normal town, difficult to compete with the falls I know, but after a wander around I came across these art works, just around the outside of a piece of land, no information about them, but I thought they were interesting.

So back to the lodge for a spot of lunch and a cocktail by the pool, making the most of the sun, as I’m going to be stuck in an airport for most of tomorrow morning.



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