Countries 3    Hotels 11    Cars 26

Flights 7:flying time 36.56 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 2    Elephant 1

Boat 1    Cog-wheel train 2    Cable cars 4

My flight to Buenos Aires was delayed for over 2 hours, the little airport at Iguazu was fine, they had a good coffee shop and I had a good book so I just waited till the plane turned up.  I had the most warm welcome from my guide when I arrived at Buenos Aires airport, when we got to the hotel she went through my itinerary for the next few days  with me and she gave me this map,


all written up with places to go, restaurant recommendations, etc. how brilliant is this, I just love this sort of thing, Julieta Besonias is her name and she is lovely. The hotel is in a really great location, and very cool.  I have padded walls in my room.  So after a freshen up I went exploring.  I found a restaurant Julieta had recommended and when I ordered my food a very sweet man said I will order you half portions, bloody hell I thought, that’s a bit forward, it’s like saying you are a bit too fat so half rations for you! When my starter arrived I understood why he had done this, there was enough calamari to feed four people, huge portions, and my pasta main course was a normal size portion so would have been huge if  he hadn’t done this. A great start to my time in this city.

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