Countries 3    Hotels 11    Cars 27

Flights 7:flying time 36.56 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 2    Elephant 1

Boat 1    Cog-wheel train 2    Cable cars 4

This morning starts with a city tour, the first stop is the pink parliament building, and the balcony where Eva Peron made many of her speeches, and where today the current president works from.

Just in front of this is an area with what I thought at first were odd symbols, but it is actually a headscarf.  This is the symbol of the women who lost loved ones/family members during the dictator years when over 30,000 people ‘disappeared’.  Every Thursday at 3pm the women of the ‘disappeared’ walk round this area, they have been doing this ever since their loved ones went missing, during and since the dictatorship, some are now in their 90s but they still come to  walk to remember, as the bodies were never found.

Caminito is a very bohemian part of the city, artists homes here are painted great

bright colours and some rather interesting artwork adorns some of the buildings.

These corrugated iron homes are rented by multiple families, they rent one room and share the kitchen, bathroom and outside spaces.  They are for the very poor, the homes are very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer due to the building material used, there is strong sense of community for the people living in these areas.

Recoleta Cemetery is one of the strangest places I’ve visited, it’s like a miniature town with avenues to walk down, it’s where the rich bury their dead.  Some of these mausoleums cost more than a property to live in, and they are frequently bought and sold like real estate.  They contain many coffins and are several meters deep.  Eva Peron is here because the Duarte family, her maiden name, has a ‘plot’ here.

I was in a shopping mall and I saw it overlooked the cemetery so I took a shot to try and show how weird it was.

There is a rather beautiful statue of Eva Peron situated where the house she lived and died in was, there is nothing left of this house as it was burned by the dictatorship when they came to power, shame about the pigeon pooh though.

I still can’t get my head around the fact that it is Autumn here, and still get delight when I see a beautiful tree in the street or find myself wading through fallen leaves on the pavement. The day ended with a visit to a local tango show, the service was excellent, the show was ok, the dancing was very good, perhaps a bit repetitive, good to see though, one can’t really come to Argentina and not see the tango.  There is dancing on the street here on a Sunday but I will miss it as am flying to El Calafate







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