Countries 4    Hotels 11    Cars 30

Flights 7:flying time 36.56 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 2    Elephant 1    Boat 1

Cog-wheel train 2    Cable cars 4   Subway 2    Ferry 2

Today I went to Montevideo in  Uruguay, I got the 7.30 am ferry, Buquebus, it takes two and a half hours to cross the river Plate. When we got on this rather odd looking vessel we were given shoe covers to put on, when I asked why I was told it was to keep the ferry clean, everyone including the crew wanders around with white cloth bags on their feet, odd.  This said the ferry was very clean.

When I got to Montevideo the lovely Rosario, my guide, was waiting to meet me and take me around the city.  The first interesting thing is the fact that the river is a sandy river and so there are many beaches on the coast of the city.  The government rules that no property is to be built on the beaches as these are for the people to enjoy, so apartment/housing is built back from the coast line, so beaches and promenades are for all to enjoy.

Uruguay has a population of three and a half million and one and a half million of these live in Montevideo.  The country doesn’t have a rail network, this was run down in the 1990s. We did a lot of driving around looking at the different neighbourhoods and Rosario is full of interesting information about her country.


At lunch time we went to a sort of indoor market place, only it was full of restaurants, all cooking on open wood fires. I loved it here, the smell of wood smoke, rolls of fat sausages, steaks, peppers, half chickens and stuff I didn’t recognise, was all displayed on a cooking rack to tempt people to come to eat.  Thankfully amongst all the meat products I found some fish.   After lunch we had a stroll around the city centre and went to a Gaucho museum.

We visited the parliament building, a flea market, a church, what remains of the old city wall and a beautiful book shop with original stained glass window and that was it for Montevideo.





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