Countries 4    Hotels 11    Cars 30

Flights 7:flying time 36.56 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 2    Elephant 1    Boat 1

Cog-wheel train 2    Cable cars 4   Subway 4    Ferry 2

My day didn’t start well today. After breakfast I went to get my ticket for the tour of the opera house and then planned to go and take the subway into town to see a couple of museums.  I went to the ticket booth at the subway and was told I needed a card to use the subway and no she doesn’t have them, I have to get one from a kiosk.  I went to 6 different shops/kiosk and none had these bloody cards.  I got quite distressed, unusual for me, there wasn’t a tourist information office around so I walked all the way back to my hotel. They explained I had to buy a card then put money on it so I can use it. I must have looked as distressed as I felt as one of the chaps said he would see if he had his spare one with him, he did and all I had to do was put some pesos on it.  What a bloody pain, it’s as if Argentina has said lets make buying subway tickets as difficult as possible, one of the guys at the hotel reception didn’t even know the system had changed, very odd.

So with my fully charged up subway card I ventured into the city centre.  Buenos Aires has lots of beautiful parks, this morning the one I went to was full of joggers, cyclists and dog walkers, they like a dog here but they don’t clean up the pooh so it’s delightful walking down some of the streets!  These are some random shots of the architecture as I was wandering around.

I went to the Evita museum, no photos allowed, the museum is in the house that Eva Peron bought in 1948,  for her Social Aid Foundation, which was used as temporary accommodation for women coming from the different provinces of Argentina undergoing problems with paperwork.  I had a rather nice lunch at the restaurant at the museum.  Because of all the time I spend messing about trying to get a subway ticket, after lunch it was time to head back to the Teatro Colon, the opera house, for my guided tour.

The building underwent refurbishment in 2005-2010. It is acoustically considered to be one of the top five concert venues in the world and all the top  opera stars  have sung here.  There are some beautiful glass ceilings and tiled floors.

After the opera house I went to Café Tortoni, established in 1858, it’s famous for a group of painters, writers, journalists and musicians who formed the Agrupación de Gente de Artes y Letras (Arts and Letters Association), led by Benito Quinquela Martin.

There was a queue when I got there, which didn’t last very long, once inside, as is often the case with this sort of thing, I thought it was disappointing and the service wasn’t great either.

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