Countries 5    Hotels 13    Cars 32

Flights 8:flying time 40.12 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 2    Elephant 1    Boat 1

Cog-wheel train 2    Cable cars 4    Subway 4    Ferry 2

Minibus 11    Coach 2    Catamaran 1

This morning started with a rather beautiful sunrise.


After breakfast the very energetic and enthusiastic, lovely Gonzalo and I went to Cueva Del Milodon, the Caves of the Mylodon.  The Mylodon Cave Natural Monument is a protected wildlife area which include the caves and eaves of Benitz Hill. A Mylodon is a giant sloth, now extinct. According to archaeologists, the first inhabitants arrived in the area about 11,000 years ago, evidence of human habitation has been found in the large cave. We went to three caves: the small cave, Cueva Chica;


the middle cave, Cueva del Medio;

and the Mylodon cave, the largest of the caves.

There was stunning scenery as we walked to get to each cave.


Lichen grows in abundance here, this type is known as old mans beard, for obvious reasons. The trees here have tiny leaves and they are like confetti falling when there is a breeze.

We went back to the hotel for lunch. Gonzalo had told me about the Calafate bush which has berries that can be eaten, the fruit is made into many things and one of them is a Calafate sour cocktail, which I sampled with my lunch, a dark red colour and rather good.  After lunch we went on a 2 hour hike, seeing  some utterly stunning scenery, some more caves, and some interesting rock formations, architectural in their appearance.

I saw some original cave painting, and I climbed through this hole to see the window cave,

The light was fading as we came to the end of our hike, so by the time we got back to the hotel the setting sun was trying to outdo the sunrise of this morning.  I went out on to the roof of the hotel and took these, a beautiful end to the day.



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