Day 57 June 13

Countries 7    Hotels 26    Cars 37

Flights 13:flying time 48.39 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 8    Elephant 1    Boat 3

Cog-wheel train 2    Cable cars 6    Subway 4    Ferry 2

Minibus 33      Coach 2    Catamaran 1    Funicular 3

Pick up truck 1    Land Cruiser 8    Hydrofoil 4

Llama 1    Cycle Taxi 1    Train 3    Motorised Canoe 6

Canoe 1

Today I was woken up at five in the morning, by a vey enthusiastic person knocking on my door until they were sure I was awake, to go on a tour.  When they were telling us about the tours last night I didn’t realise that when they said wake up call at five that one didn’t get a choice.  Well I’m glad they did wake me up.  I had a bit of breakfast and then we all got in the motorised boats to go to the spot where the tour started.  The sun was just rising when we got on the water.

We had quite a long walk before we got to Lake Sandoval, in Tambpata National Reserve.  During the morning I saw saddle back monkeys, red howler monkeys, macaws, vultures, kingfishers, heron, stinking or chicken birds, cormorants, long nose bats, night monkeys and turtles.  Not many photos of the animals because it’s only a camera phone and some of these creatures were high up in the trees, or not close enough to take a good shot.

When we got to the lake we got into canoes and Victor our guide rode us around the water, I should just mention on a couple of occasions he did row us into the vegetation, bless.

We stopped in the middle of the lake for a snack that Victor had brought with him. We were back at the lodge in time for lunch and then a nap due to the early start this morning.

Now this afternoon we went on a canopy walk.  It was a ten minute boat ride to get to the site. I had to walk up a 100 foot high tower to get to the walkways, there were loads of them, just slats of wood linked together and tied up with string.  I was really scared because my brain tells me I have vertigo, however my stubbornness meant that I was not going to miss out on this so I walked along all of them, and I didn’t die.

There was a night walk at six so off I went into the pitch black jungle looking for night creatures, we only saw a tarantula, and a couple of normal spiders.  A very enjoyable dinner with the sisters again tonight, with more sampling of cocktails, and good food.

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