Day 59 June 15

Countries 7    Hotels 27    Cars 37

Flights 14:flying time 51.04 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 8    Elephant 1    Boat 3

Cog-wheel train 2    Cable cars 6    Subway 4    Ferry 2

Minibus 34    Coach 2    Catamaran 1    Funicular 3

Pick up truck 1    Land Cruiser 8    Hydrofoil 4

Llama 1    Cycle Taxi 1    Train 3    Motorised Canoe 9

Canoe 2

I left the lodge today. After a very leisurely breakfast and a final photo with the sisters, it was time for one more trip in the motorised boats to Puerto Maldonado.

Once there we squeezed into the teeny minibus for the airport, weirdly we stopped at a butterfly farm opposite the airport, for a few minutes.  The flight was delayed a bit but I had a stop over at Cuzco, where the sisters got off, and made time up there, so I landed in Lima on time.  The hotel is right by the airport as I have a flight in the morning, I spent the evening updating this as the Wi-Fi wasn’t great in the jungle.


Well that was Peru,  it was diverse and amazing and I loved it.

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