Day 74 June 30

Countries 10    Hotels 34    Cars 46

Flights 21:flying time 61.34 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 8    Elephant 1    Boat 12

Cog-wheel train 2    Cable cars 6    Subway 8    Ferry 2

Minibus 34    Coach 2    Catamaran 1    Funicular 3

Pick up truck 5    Land Cruiser 8    Hydrofoil 4

Llama 1    Cycle Taxi 1    Train 3    Motorised Canoe 9

Canoe 2    Sightseeing truck 1    Sightseeing bus 1

A quiet day today in terms of things to see, places to go and I’ve photographed all there is to see in Belize City.  This is the last day of June, so this means tomorrow I have thirty days left of this trip, and only seventeen of them will be on my own, and these are going to be hectic. I am meeting up with a friend in Iceland, for the last days of this adventure, so a time for reflection, I feel, on the trip so far.

As always the time has gone by so quickly, I have packed so much into these fleeting days. South America was surprising, the places that I thought would delight came up a bit short. In Rio de Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain, were spectacular, but the city didn’t really grip me, it was the same with Buenos Aires. The surprises were: Cusco in Peru, an amazing, warm, welcoming city with really good food and lovely people; Venezuela, I stayed away from Caracas, but the places I visited, Los llanos and Los Roques the people were again, warm, welcoming, smiley, food was plentiful and good, not the Venezuela I read about in the news online; the stunning city of La Paz, Bolivia, stretching out over valleys and hills; the simplicity of Sun Island, Lake Titicaca, where the daily life of local people is the gentle heartbeat of the island; Chile, which has everything nature provides, lakes, mountains, beaches, deserts and glaciers all seemingly trying to compete to outdo each other in the spectacular department; the street art and quirky buildings on the hills of Valparaiso; Perito Moreno, Argentina, stands out as one of the most amazing natural wonders and Machupicchu one of the best human made places, I have seen.

I have met good people too. The quiet, gentle, all seeing Carla; Monisha, giving me cocktail advice; and the lovely, fun, American sisters who gave me some of the best laughs on the trip so far.

I’m sitting in a beach bar having breakfast writing this, thinking how lucky I have been to have such experiences, and there is still Mexico and Iceland to come.

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