Day 84 July 10

Countries 11    Hotels 40    Cars 52

Flights 24:flying time 66.49 hours

Rickshaws 4    Buses 12    Elephant 1    Boat 14

Cog-wheel train 2    Cable cars 8    Subway 8    Ferry 2

Minibus 36    Coach 2    Catamaran 1    Funicular 3

Pick up truck 5    Land Cruiser 8    Hydrofoil 4

Llama 1    Cycle Taxi 1    Train 5    Motorised Canoe 9

Canoe 2    Sightseeing truck 1    Sightseeing bus 4

Golf cart taxi 2

Woke up to this view this morning.

After breakfast I went on the hotel bus to Parque de Adventuras Barrancas Cobre, to take a trip on a cable car.  The Teleferico takes one down to Meson de Bacajipare, waits twenty minutes to allow the taking of photos and admiring the view, then takes one back up to the top of the canyon.

I thought this would be a pee my pants moment because it’s higher and longer than the other cable car trips I have taken, but actually it was good.  There are not any supports, it’s just one long piece of cable attached to the rocks so it makes for a rather smooth journey.

Next stop was a visit to the Balancing rock.

We stopped at Divisadero, where the three canyons meet.  The Copper Canyon,

Barranca de Cobra, is a labyrinth of seven main canyons and covers an area four times the size of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and in some areas is 1800 meters deep.  The Spanish named the Copper Canyon mistaking the green of algae for copper. There  was an awful lot of local crafts for sale here too.

Back to the hotel to check out and go to the station to catch the train, which was over an hour late.  I finally got to Chihuahua at 10.15.






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