Since my last post I have spent a couple of weeks chilling with my sister in East Sussex. Despite the fact that she works full time and is building a house we managed to get some quality time together, we went for coffees, one of my favourite things to do, and we also went blackberry picking. It was something we did as children and it was lovely to do this again as it took us back forty years to when we lived near the New Forest and would spend hours collecting the berries for our mother to make jam, and blackberry and apple pies and crumbles.

We also spent one afternoon at Rudyard Kipling’s house, the weather was perfect for strolling around the grounds and chatting about things that sisters chat about, and having coffee and cake.

I returned to London to catch up with friends and as I wandered around I was reminded of how lovely this city is.  So I’ve put a few shots up for readers who haven’t been to London. I caught up with friends, my niece also came down for the day and we had a few cocktails.

Today I travelled back to my sisters to stay until I fly to Los Angeles.



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