Last Sunday I had lunch at the Grand Central Market in Downtown LA. Grand Central Market opened in 1917 and has been in continuous operation ever since. A hundred years ago, Broadway was the principal commercial and entertainment corridor of downtown Los Angeles. Bunker Hill, to the west, was covered with stately Victorian mansions,(more on this later), and the area’s stylish residents rode down on Angels Flight, which is a funicular (now closed), to shop for groceries in the Market’s open air arcade.

The Market has always reflected the changing population of downtown, and in the 1920s included multiple green grocers, fishmongers, Jewish delis, and butchers, as well as stalls for dry goods, baked goods, flowers, coffee, cheese, and even one vendor who just sold eggs. Today it provides food and beverages which celebrate the cuisines and cultures of Los Angeles. The Markets aim is to preserve the legacy of a historic downtown landmark, and gather the city’s many communities around a shared table, and to nurture the next generation of local businesses.

This place is bustling with a cross section of all sector and cultures of LA life who come to eat here. The food stalls range from the over priced to the very cheap. One, called Eggslut,  had a queue that went right round the stall and out onto the pavement.  We asked one of the patrons what was so special about the food to warrant such a queue and they said it was ‘good’.  Well we weren’t going to spend an hour waiting for an egg based meal so we ate at a vegan stall, and had yummy salads.

After lunch we drove around Angelino Heights, founded in 1886, it’s one of the oldest districts in LA, and has a high concentration of Victorian architecture. Here are photos of the ones I liked.

In the evening we went to a very quaint movie house called, the Vista Theatre which has been showing movies since 1923. The décor inside had an Egyptian theme with busts of Cleopatra along the walls and snakes over the doors and screen, unfortunately the movie wasn’t as interesting as the movie house.

I knew Halloween was big here, so I expected to see a few pumpkins on porches nearer the time.  Well I slightly under estimated this. Some of the residents in the street I live in have done more than stick a pumpkin on their porch, they have decorated their whole house and this started at the beginning of the month, and some are still adding to their displays. My favourite is this one with a huge tarantula on the porch and really good ghouls that appear to fly when the wind gets them.

These skeletons have been sitting on the seats for a while but the inflatable spider, that glows in the dark and moves it head from side to side, appeared in the last couple of days. The cute scarecrows belong to a display where sadly, the inflatable had sunk behind the gravestones when I went to get a photo.

These are photos of the best of the rest so far.

This is Charlie and Stella, the dogs in the house I live in. Stella is a bit of a princess and only takes notice of me if she has a mind to, and wouldn’t pose for a photo, so I got this when she was having five minutes in the garden.  Charlie, the cocker spaniel, loves attention, is adorable, and was happy for me to take many photos of him as it meant he was getting attention.




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