This week I went to the Los Angles County Museum of Art, LACMA, it has over a 100,000 pieces in its collection. These are some of my favourites.

In the grounds of the museum there is an area of Rodin sculptures, Rodin is one of my favourite artists.

From the fourth floor of the museum one gets great views of the LA hills and the museum grounds.

We  went to see the movie ‘Eye in the Sky’, which had a Q & A session with Helen Mirren afterwards.  The movie is excellent.  While we were waiting to get into the theatre which is on Sunset Strip, the setting sun provided rather pretty pink clouds.

On Saturday I went to the Fall Festival at the Farmers Market, and The Grove. I have never seen All-Alaskan Pig racing before, it was very funny watching the little pigs run around the track, and on one of the races they had to jump over little fences.


Pumpkins were in decorative displays everywhere, and there was some really good live music, from The SideWynders, The Walking Phoenixes, San Fernando Valley Banjo Band and Have More Fun Strings Band.

There was pumpkin carving, lassoing and a range of other crafts and a pie eating contest, contestants were not allowed to use their hands, they weren’t told this until just before the start. The Grove has a tram, which transports people from one end of the grove to the other, roughly a five minute walk, and dancing fountains.

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