This post is a Halloween special. Regular readers may recall I mentioned in an earlier post that I expected to see the odd pumpkin out here. Well I found rather a lot of pumpkins at this house, the mayor lives here, there was a light show in the evening too.

Inflatables are big here, and they light up at night.


The avenue I live in closed the road for a party which attracted families from all over the district. I am not a fan of the child and large quantities of them, dressed in costumes and screaming for sweets, (candy), ensured I stayed just long enough to get a couple of photos of the best bits, before I left. Everyone dresses up here, including the dogs. There was some interesting stuff hanging from trees, a fortune telling tent, I didn’t venture near the bouncy type things.

These are my favourites of the properties I walk past going to my favourite coffee shop. Some of them are completed in a day and others are added to over days, like the large spider web, when I took the first photo it only had one spider on, every time I walked past they had added another spider.

Last weekend I went to one of the many Halloween parties they hold here, such fun.

Tonight I am going to another street party, be rude not to. Happy Halloween, ‘have a good one!’






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