I was back at Grand Park this week as there was a different art exhibition. This one is called ‘We are Los Angeles’ and the sculptures represent the collective diversity and strength of the city. These were my favourites.

I went to a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Dvorak & Sibelius, quite beautiful. I didn’t get to see the actual theatre when I did a tour of the building a couple of weeks ago, it’s rather splendid.

More art on the subway and seeing this still makes me chuckle as I think of the wild west when I see ‘sheriff’.

The Bradbury building is the oldest commercial building remaining in the central city and one of Los Angeles’ unique treasures. Behind its modest, rather dull, Romanesque exterior lies a magical light-filled Victorian court that rises almost fifty feet with open cage elevators, marble stairs, and ornate iron railings.

The identity of the building’s final architect is a subject of debate. Lewis Bradbury, a mining and real estate millionaire, commissioned Sumner Hunt to create a spectacular office building. Hunt turned in completed designs but was replaced soon after by George H. Wyman, who supervised construction. The building has operated as offices for most of its life, and was designated a national historic landmark in 1977. Tourists are only allowed up on to the first flight of stairs hence the lack of photos from the higher floors.

I went to Pasadena this week to watch the 39th Doo Dah Parade, an eclectic mix of  people of all ages, getting dressed up in what ever takes their fancy, to join in the fun. There were some interesting sights. One of the parade traditions is to throw tortillas at the parade entrants who then throw them back at the crowd.

While I was waiting to catch the train after the parade I was surprised to see traffic actually moving on the freeway, it looks dull because it was raining.

I keep forgetting to write about the brussel sprout. In the UK the sprout is a winter vegetable and tends to appear in supermarkets etc. around October. They are part of a traditional Christmas lunch,  it wouldn’t be a Christmas lunch if the sprout did not make an appearance on the plate.  However, here the sprout is a regular on restaurant menus, as a starter, usually pan fried or roasted; or in salads, shredded or chopped.




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