The person whose house I am living in is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and one of the benefits of this, for me, has been accompanying her to screenings of movies, some of them ahead of their public screening times. Some of these screenings have questions with the cast, writer, director after the movie. Some of the more interesting Q&A have been:

Manchester by the Sea: Casey Affleck talked about how the writer/director Kenneth Lonergan was very precise about his script and wanted it word for word.

Bleed For This: is a movie is based on a true story and we were told how the clothing  of the characters in the movie had to be toned down because they were worried that it could be seen as racial stereotyping Italian Americans,  if they had dressed the actors as the actual people had dressed.

Lion: this is another movie based on a true story, alongside all the lead adult cast members, the guy who the story is about was also present and it was interesting to get his perspective on the movie about his life.

Rules Don’t Apply: written, produced and directed  by Warren Beatty, who also has a part in the movie. Warren did the casting of the main characters himself, which in one actors case involved having lunch at intervals over a period of about five years. There was also a drinks reception after the Q&A, which was held at the Fox Studios, I enjoyed the movie and the glass of fizzy afterwards.

I’ve mentioned before Downtown LA has some really good examples of architecture and here are some photos of buildings I liked as I have been walking around.

There is rather a nice area outside the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, a large sculpture with fountains.

The Natural History Museum has a huge amount of stuffed animals, and as expected some large skeletons.  They have a working laboratory in the museum and one can see exhibits being worked on.  I quite liked this piece, which is rather old!

I also really liked a slide show of how LA had increased in size over the years.

The Grove is all dressed up for Christmas now. When I came out of Starbucks the local mounted police were having a coffee break.

The fountains are lit in Christmas colours and every day at 7pm, it snows.






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