The Chinese New Year celebrations continued through to the 11th of February.  During this period there were lots of Lion and Dragon performances, firecrackers, fireworks and celebratory feasts.  I have become slightly obsessed with the performing Lions, and when I hear drums, which are a signal that the Lions are soon to perform, I find myself stopping whatever I am doing, and heading to  watch the performance. I have lost count of the times I have seen this now, but enjoy it every time. Such is my ‘slight obsession’ I found myself going to take even more photos of Lions when I saw a group of them in a mall, for just this purpose.

I went to a celebratory feast, and experienced Yee Sang, or Prosperity Toss Salad. The Yee Sang is served from the eve of Chinese New Year through to the fifteenth day of new year celebrations, (February 11). It comprises of a variety of salad items, fish and crispy noodles, although the ingredients vary depending on the person creating it. The salad is placed in the centre of the table, using chopsticks, everyone tosses the salad, shouting favourable wishes, such as  ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ meaning, congratulations for your wealth, or ‘Wan shi ru yi’ meaning may all your wishes be fulfilled, well that’s what I was told we were shouting.

A fun experience and a great start to the feast. After the  Prosperity Toss, a variety of dishes were placed on the our table, including, whole fish, crab, pork, chicken , prawns and lots of vegetables, all washed down with Chinese tea, delicious!

I moved into an apartment in the 32nd floor which has great views of the city, even though Kuala Lumpur isn’t a particularly beautiful city, as this view from my apartment shows.


High rise buildings  juxtapose with low rise dwellings, and the styles are as diverse as the food and residents. Colonial style buildings, mix with Malay Islamic, Asian and modern architecture and there are some beautiful examples to see in the city.  Although, overall it may not be aesthetically pleasing, this cosmopolitan city certainly pleases in many other ways.  You can eat any cuisine here, in a range of venues, from restaurants in the sky to a fire pit on the street.  You can drink your cocktail in, a sky bar, speakeasy, pub, club, roof top bar, or private club, etc. etc. Retail therapy can be exercised in the 66 shopping malls in the city.  The twelve million tourists that come to Kuala Lumpur  each year make it the seventh most visited city in the world.






7 Replies to “12 February 2017”

    1. Thanks darling. I have been very lazy with this in not posting anything for such a long time, but I’m back into now and working on the next post, which is about the rest of my stay in Bali, lovely to get comments on here, lots of love Hun, xxx


  1. it had been a while so thought you were not going to do it anymore as you were too busy being glamorous :). I must say you do write very well – easy and interesting to read…xx


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