8 November 2017

DSC_0014 (3)

Boracay, Philippines

I flew from Manila, to Caticlan airport, which is on the island of Panay. As the exit doors of the airport open, one is greeted by twenty to thirty humans all shouting that they can take you to your destination, for a better  price than anyone else can. It is for this reason that I chose a hotel that collected me from the airport. All I had to do was look for my name, then weave my way through the scrum, to be escorted to a peaceful waiting area for the transfer to the neighbouring island of Boracay. A speed boat arrives and five minutes later I am on  Boracay Island.


Boracay island is 7 kilometres long and only a kilometre wide at it’s narrowest point. White Beach, is what draws humans here, prepare yourself for lots of photos of sand, sea, sunsets and sails, there isn’t much else here, and some might say this is because it isn’t required.

cofWhite Beach is 4 kilometres long, it really does have white, powdery sand and turquoise blue sea. The sand and the water are very clean, (smoking isn’t  allowed on the beach nor is littering, and it seems to work), the water is shallow, there are lifeguards at intervals along the beach, and when the tide is out the beach widens to double its size.

Walking along the beach I came across this, it’s called Willy’s Rock, I couldn’t find anything about it, apart from it has a statue of a religious figure on it.

DSC_0081 (5)
Willy’s Rock

I am writing this at breakfast and my cappuccino has been brought to me without even being ordered. The humans that work at this hotel have customer service sorted, and for me it’s the attention to details that makes a hotel stand out. Before I have even put my bag down by the pool sun lounger, Franko, is there laying a towel out and placing a cushion behind my head, seconds later, iced water has been placed on my table and depending on the time of day, ice cream, (non dairy) and or popcorn. All the guests here get the same service.

It’s the same at the beach loungers, the hotel is steps from the beach, there are humans there to tend to one’s needs. The cheery greetings given if one should walk past a human that works here, make, what is really just another nice hotel on the beach, into something quiet special.

These are a version of taxis in Boracay, there are cars on the island, although vehicles are not allowed on the pathway by White Beach.  There are no motorised water sports near the beach either, these happen further out in the sea, so this does make it quite tranquil, even on areas where it is very busy with humans, when either walking along or laying on the beach.

There are hawkers, on the beach and on the pathway, they are not as persistent as some I have encountered elsewhere in the world, and they do go away when one says no.

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DSC_0011 (4)




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