14 November 2017

A paraw

Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is an island and so naturally there is a proliferation of boats here, either moored up on the beach or out at sea,  with the paraw being the most common.  A paraw is a double outrigger sail boat from the Visayas region of the  Philippines, they were originally used for fishing and the transportation of people and goods.

oznorA paraw has a main sail and a gibb, it takes at least two people to sail it, and as it doesn’t have a keel, one person has to be on the outrigger to keep the sail boat in balance, this person is called a ‘balancer’. The hull of a paraw is fairly narrow and only one person can sit in the actual boat, usually the captain, the passengers will sit on the outriggers. Paraws here are used for tourist trips, and most of them seem to have blue sails.

DSC_0018 (6)As the sun starts to set many of paraws line up on the beach waiting to take tourists on a sunset sail. Getting on the paraw involves wading through the water, once it’s full and the sails have caught the breeze, it glides silently out to sea. DSC_0002 (3)

DSC_0009 (7)As the sun slips away, the evening ritual of the island begins. The horizon is filled with the silent shadows of the paraw sails; beach loungers are replaced with bean bags; the pathway fills with black clad divers, freshly emerged from the sea; barbeques are lit; happy hours are taken advantage of; people wade into the sea for sunset selfies; fairy lights are switched on; and the volume gets turned up as DJs compete with live musicians to mark the end of sun worshipping day and the start of the party night.

DSC_0051 (7)The party continues through the night, so I was surprised, when, one morning I went for an early beach walk thinking I would have the beach to myself, it was around 6, to find the beach was quite busy. People were swimming, paddle boarding, children were playing, joggers were jogging, and others like me, taking an early morning walk,  the moon was still out too.

DSC_0053 (4)The beach takes on a different colour as the sun rises.

The weather has been good during my stay here, although in a lot of the photos there are what look like rain clouds. Despite an often very cloudy sky, it only rained a couple of times and for very short periods, and afterwards the sun always came out to dry everything up.cof

Boracay had some of the best sunsets I have ever seen, and it seems fitting to end my posts on the island, with a reminder of just how stunning nature can be.

DSC_0120 (4)



DSC_0070 (2)



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