Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It’s Christmas eve, where has the time gone, I can’t quite believe I have been in Asia for nearly a year. I had originally planned to stay here for longer, however I have decided to move to Europe to be nearer to a relative who has become quite poorly. I want to be nearer so I can visit regularly. This decision prompted a hastily arranged trip to visit places that interested me in this region, that I had not previously been to, before I leave. Unfortunately this trip was cut short by an erupting volcano, so one can only plan life so far ahead. I am flying to Portugal in early January, where I plan to settle, however this is what I said this time last year about Asia, so who knows what I will be sharing with you this time next year.

This is my last post from Asia and for this year.  Thank you for your comments and support over the last twelve months, I am looking forward to sharing my adventures in Portugal, and Europe, with you in 2018.  I hope you are doing what ever makes you joyful over the festive season, and wish you a healthy and happy, new year.


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