Eastbourne, UK

I was in the UK for a couple of days this month, and stayed in Eastbourne, a seaside town on the south coast. I went for a walk along the beach front, joining the sprinkling of people doing the same as me. The tide was out and the sun was starting to set, the pebble beach is long and rather beautiful at dusk.


I think humans are attracted to water, just being near it brings joy, though this evening none seemed quite as joyous as a dog, with three legs, who kept encouraging his/her human to throw a pebble to chase, the lack of a leg not impeding the dogs ability to run around on the pebbles. There is also a pier here, which was completed in 1872, and renovated a few years ago.



Lisbon, Portugal

Back in Lisbon I went to a light show at Convento do Carmo.  Using lights and music, it transforms the ruins of the church to depict the key historic events that have shaped the building, from 1389 to the present day.


I have already written about Convento da Carmo, here is a reminder of what the church looks like in daylight.

DSC_0076 (1)

Sometime ago I visited the Museu Nacional dos Coches, (The national Coach Museum), in Belém, which has a huge collection on display from the 16th through to the 19th century.

DSC_0011 (2)
DSC_0041 (2)
DSC_0079 (2)
DSC_0104 (2)
DSC_0108 (1)
DSC_0121 (2)

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