In the district of Alcântara, is a factory complex, which used to be a fabric company. Founded in 1846, it became derelict, was refurbished in 2008, called LX Factory, and is now one of Lisbon’s trendy areas.  The industrial space is filled with restaurant, cafes, bars, shops, offices, artist workshops and holds a flea market on Sunday.  It sits under the Ponte 25 de Abril, the suspension bridge is one of the city’s notable landmarks, it looms over the area and with 6 traffic lanes and a railway line, is incredibly noisy .


LX factory is brimming with art, covering the facades of the buildings.  Just passed the main entrance is this giant bee, by the artist Bordalo II, who turns trash into art. The rest of the photos are a selection of what can be seen here.


Lisbon is known for it’s urban art,  stroll around the city and it won’t take long before one comes across a work of art. So to continue with the theme of art today, these are some of the art works I have captured while exploring the city. The ‘Filigrana’ mural  is fairly new and promotes the Filigree Museum in Chiado. The racoon and the fishes are by Bordalo II.

DSC_0007 (1)

Multiple artist a have contributed to the mural above, which is about Fado. I came across this 18 metre horse on the side of a seven storey building, quite recently, it’s by the Spanish artist Aryz.


On the Avenida Fontes Pereria de Melo are three derelict buildings with art work by the Brazilian artists Os Gémeos,  Blu and Eric Il Cane from Italy, and SAM3, who is Spanish.


The Galeria de Arte Urbana is on Calçada da Glória, a hideously steep hill, so steep it has a funicular to carry one up it, however, at the moment both cars are being renovated so walking up is the only way to see the art here. There are seven panels which are provided by the council for artists to use and the work changes frequently. The last time I walked up the hill I took these shots, which are my favourites of the work on show at the moment.


These three pieces, by artist Mário Belém, are new, and celebrate 150 years of the abolition of the death penalty in Portugal.

This is also new, it’s Poseidon, by the artist PichiAvo, it’s painted on the side of a row of houses.


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