Zagreb, Croatia. May 2019

Day 1 of my anniversary tour and it starts with a flight to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. In six days time I am meeting up with a friend to cruise around the Croatian islands and Zagreb was the only city I could fly directly to, from home, Lisbon. I decided to take a route via the capital cities of countries I have yet been to, to get to Dubrovnik, where the cruise starts.

Zagreb is the economic, cultural, scientific, political and administrative centre of the Republic of Croatia, and is home to the Croatian Parliament, Government and President. The city has lots of Austro-Hungarian architecture, a sample of which is featured in these photos. I’m only here for one day, but it is quite easy to walk round a large area of the city without using the trams, which weave around the city’s streets. I’m coming back here at the end of this part of my anniversary tour, which I am calling, The Eastern European part.

Train station

The funicular, built in 1888, connects the Upper and Lower Towns of Zagreb, the track is 66 meters long, making it one of the shortest public transport funiculars in the world.

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