Belgrade, Serbia May 2019

View from my hotel window

Belgrade had unseasonably awful weather during my visit, it rained during most of my stay, and the rain was so bad on the last day it wasn’t practical to go sightseeing. There were breaks in the rain, on the day I arrived I was looking out of my hotel window, to see if it was worth going out, and the setting sun had lit up the sky, giving me this treat of a view over the city.

The River Sava and the River Danube meeting point

Belgrade is the capital and the largest city in Serbia, it is also the centre for culture and art of the country, and where two rivers meet. A visit to the Belgrade Fortress provides a view of the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers.

The House of Vuk’s Foundation

Belgrade has a wide variety of architectural styles, including Neo Byzantine, Neo Classicism, Art Nouveau, Romantic and Brutalist. One of the oldest buildings is The House of Vuk’s Foundation, built in 1879. I took photos of what I thought were the most interesting buildings.

Church of Saint Mark

There are 65 public parks in the city, Tasmajdan Park and Gardens is where the Church of Saint Mark, a Serbian orthodox church, completed in 1940, is situated. The park also has some interesting sculptures.

I managed to squeeze in a trip to the Jevremovac Botanical Gardens, it was raining, but despite this I did get some photos of the orchids in the tropical house and the Japanese garden.

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