Jablanica, Bosnia & Herzegovina. May 2019

When I was in Sarajevo I originally intended to get the train to Mostar, however there was only one train leaving at 7 in the morning and one coming back at around 5 in the evening, and I, correctly, didn’t think there was enough in Mostar to warrant spending all day there. So I decided to take a private tour and fortunately, for me, I got a delightful guide called Miracem. We stopped at several places of interest on the way to Mostar, and still had plenty of time to explore Mostar after we had a leisurely lunch there. More of Mostar in a future posts, this is about three of the places we visited in Herzegovina.

The first stop was Jablanica in Herzegovina, and to Lake Jablanica, where the water was so still it was like a mirror.

Next was a place not as visually pleasing as the lake but one that had more history, the Neretva River which is famous for a railway bridge that was destroyed in the last world war. The original bridge was the scene of a battle during World War II between the Nazi occupation force and Yugoslav partisans under leadership of Joseph Tito. When the partisans found themselves surrounded in Jablanica, they blew up the bridge themselves rather than defending it against an overwhelming Nazi invasion force.

The bridge was rebuilt and then destroyed again, this time by German bombs. In 1969 it was rebuilt for a film, Battle of Neretva, when it was blown up for the movie and the remains of that bridge were left as a tourist attraction.

The River Buna’s source flows out of a 200 metre cliff wall near the old village of Blagaj, and is a tributary of the Neretva River. The river source is a karstic spring emerging from a huge karstic cavern beneath the cliff.

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