Brač, Croatia. June 2019

Brač is the largest island in central Dalmatia, we stopped at two places on the island, the first was Bol. I could tell you that Bol is the island’s oldest settlement, a home to sailors, fishermen and wine growers, but what you will probably be more familiar with is Golden Cape Beach, (Zlatni Rat). The white pebble beach has a distinctive shape and is framed by pine groves, it is regularly listed as one of the top beaches in Europe, as seen in the photo below, (from the Brač tourist board).

We took the little train that takes tourists from the harbour to Zlatni Rat. This is what the beach looks like when one is on it, and for me it loses it’s impact.


After a morning at Bol we sailed to the north of the island to Puĉišca, the largest village on Brač, with evidence of human occupation since Palaeolithic times. Puĉišca has the only Stonemasonry School in Croatia, and Brač limestone, has been provided for The White House in Washington, the Diocletian’s Palace and the parliament buildings of Vienna and Budapest. It’s a quiet laid back place, we had a delicious supper sitting outside at one of the little restaurants dotted along the harbour.

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