Lisbon, Portugal. August 2019.

A mix of Lisbon this week. On my last flight home to Lisbon I managed to get some shots as the plane was coming in to land. The flight path for arrivals and departures from Lisbon airport is over Parque Eduardo VII, and although I have done this flight many times over the last two years this is the first time I have managed to get some useable photos. These show both side of the river, so if you are sitting in a window seat this is what you will see as you fly into the city.


The photo above is my local the park, the area of Marques de Pombal, the roundabout on the far right of the photo, is five minutes walk from my apartment.

Lisbon is quite a green city, it has lots of parks and gardens, the Jardim Mário Soares, has this boating lake, although it was far too hot to go rowing when I visited.

Jardim Mário Soares

In May I did a tour of a Roman site, often referred to as the Rua dos Correeiros Archaeological Site. When a Portuguese bank wanted to relocate its headquarters, the initial foundation excavations revealed the remains of  large Roman fish-preserving tanks. Further excavation work  discovered that the site that had been occupied first by Iron Age settlers, then by the Romans and later the Moors. The guided tour of the underground labyrinth starts in the small museum which has a glass floor, providing a view of the underground tunnels. The museum has a display of Iron Age broaches, Roman coins, amphora, rings, hairpins, and clay pots.  The Roman mosaic floor is 3rd century.   

The large fish tanks would have been part of a riverside factory that manufactured garum, a fish sauce. Olisipo was a thriving Roman port that once stood on the banks of the River Tagus, and the tour walks through what were, the narrow walkways of the port.

2 thoughts on “Lisbon, Portugal. August 2019.

  1. Beautifully illustrated and written. Amazing and clear photos . I learnt something reading through the narrative. Brilliant !!!


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