The city is decorated in sparkly lights, buildings are wrapped up in big bows, and Christmas trees stand in almost every square, it’s Christmas again, and yet it doesn’t seem twelve months since I wrote my last Christmas post from Lisbon. What a year it’s been, mostly highs, with the only low point being my fairly big birthday in June, to compensate myself I had five weeks of celebratory events. Part of the birthday events was a trip to Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Ljubljana, I enjoy visiting new countries, although maybe because I am getting older, now I look forward even more to coming back home after my travels. I still haven’t written up about some of the places I went to, they are on my list to do in the new year.

My final birthday event was a dinner in London with my dearest friends and family. Being with people one cares about is always a joy but it can also be such a precious time if they are far away, and so are not seen very often. Flying back from London, hungover, feeling every year of my age, and not knowing when I would see my friends again, I am comforted by amazing memoires of kindness and special times. I am reminded of a quote from a book I recently read by Charlie Mackesy, ‘Nothing beats kindness. It sits quietly beyond all things’.

Wandering around the city, one can come across beautiful music being played on a random balcony. The smoky haze seen in some of these photos is from the chestnut sellers, who at this time of year are on almost every street corner, it wouldn’t be winter in Lisbon if it didn’t smell of roasting chestnuts.

Whatever you are doing this festive season, I hope it is with people you care about, and who care about you, and it brings you joy. As we enter a new decade, I wish you a happy and healthy 2020.

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