20 May 2017

I’m reposting some of the favourite places I have visited since writing this blog. Singapore wasn’t a favourite place, however the zoo was, especially getting so close to the orangutans.

I had breakfast with orangutans this morning.  Singapore zoo has a feeding table by a restaurant and at 9.30 every morning, these gorgeous creatures climb down a ‘bridge’ for some of their favourite treats. I had a seat right next to the feeding table so had a fabulous view.  Some of the orangutans were already waiting for the keeper to move the tree bridge, which they climb down to access the feeding table, and once it was in place down they came.


 Although humans are quite near the animals, all they are interested in is the food.

They like sunflower seeds and ones that couldn’t be picked up with hands were hovered up from the table.


When they had eaten all their treats they climbed back up into the trees.

The zoo has a wide range of animals, aside from the orangutans, these were my favourites.
These white tigers were active because they were being fed.



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