Mljet, Croatia.

I’m reposting some of my favourite places, last summer I took a cruise round the Croatian islands and Mljet was quite beautiful.

Mljet, Croatia. June 2019

This is day nine of my birthday tour and due to the poor Wi-Fi signal on board the boat, I haven’t been able to post anything at all. I had intended to do chronological days of this trip, however I’m going to post randomly now and I’m starting with Mljet because I’ve edited and managed to uploaded all the photos. This island was our first stop after we left Dubrovnik, for a week cruising around some of the islands of Croatia, and we couldn’t have had a more beautiful start to this part of my trip. We arrived as the sun was setting and had dinner sitting by olive trees, listening to the water gently lapping and watching the sun set.

The following morning, day 10, we visited Mljet national park, which covers a third of the island and is the oldest marine protected area in the Mediterranean Sea, it was declared a National Park in 1960. The Island has two salt water lakes, Malo and Veliko, (Great and Small Lake). We took a ferry ride to the tiny Island of Saint Mary which has a Roman Palace, a Benedictine Monastery, a 12th century church and rather a lot of red poppies. The islands most famous residents are two donkeys, unfortunately they were still in their winter home on the mainland so we didn’t have the opportunity to meet them.

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