Day 105 July 31 2016

Countries – 14    Hotels – 44    Cars – 81

Flights – 28:flying time 81.24 hours

Rickshaw – 4    Bus -13

Elephant -1   Boat -14

Cog-Wheel Train – 2   

Cable Car – 8 Subway Train – 10   

Ferry – 2 Minibus – 37    Coach – 2 

Catamaran – 1    Funicular – 3

Pick Up Truck – 5    Land Cruiser – 8

Hydrofoil – 4 Llama – 1   

Cycle Taxi – 1 Train – 9   

Motorised Canoe – 9

Canoe – 2    Sightseeing Truck – 1   

Sightseeing Bus – 10 Golf Cart Taxi – 2

This 105 day trip is where I got the name for this blog, I did the trip in 2016, so I’ve decided it’s time to archive the older parts of this blog. This was the last post I did about the trip. I decided to record the number of hotels I stayed in, number of flights I took and other modes of transport I used during my trip. Yes, there is a Llama on the list, Gerald, he was responsible for carrying my rucksack up the steep slopes when I arrived on Sun Island in Lake Titicaca, and he was such a character, he got added to the list. As I have been taking down the old pages I have re-posted some of my favourite places I visited while I have been writing this blog, not just of the 105 days trip but of other countries I have visited since 2016. There hasn’t been a lot of opportunity to travel in 2020, or even to explore the country I now call home, so it seemed to make sense to share some of my favourite places, perhaps, it will give you inspiration for whenever we will be able to travel again.

My 105 day trip is over. I have now been to  all the countries left on my bucket list, 12 of the 14 I visited on this trip were on my list, and I am now in lovely London. It does feel a bit weird not having to be somewhere to catch a flight/train/car or to meet a guide.  I can’t quite believe it’s over, the sight of a red double decker bus when I look out of the window of the flat I am staying in for a couple of days, confirms to me that it is. Well what a trip it was, I loved it, it has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

The questions I have been asked the most about this trip is which of the countries and places I visited, were the best. So I’ve done a review of the trip across a range of topics. I saw stunning scenery and wonderful sights every day, so these are the very best of, what was, an absolutely fabulous 105 days.

With regard to countries I couldn’t choose between, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Iceland and Venezuela. These five were my favourites, are all very different, very individual, and offer a variety of experiences, sights, culture and landscapes, the people are welcoming and friendly, the food was amazing and I liked the vibe of the places I visited.

With places/sights, I have split these into two groups, natural and human made. The best natural are Perito Moreno Glacier, Copper Canyon and Iguazu Falls and human is Machupicchu.

The best views/landscapes were: Copacabana beach and the city of Rio de Janerio from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain; the city of La Paz, from a cable car;  Torres del Paine National Park; Los Roques Archipelago; the Sacred Valley of the Incas; Hato el Cedral Ranch; Southern Iceland; Copper Canyon; Macchupicchu;  and Lake Titicaca from Sun Island.

Some of the stand out experiences, from all the brilliant things I did were: the Copper Canyon train journey; the train journey from Puno to Cusco; getting so close to wildlife at Hato el Cedral Ranch; staying in the Amazon jungle; sailing to icebergs and glaciers; and seeing geysers and hot springs.

So what next? well my original plan was to move to Asia, when I was somewhere in South America I felt that wasn’t right for me, however I didn’t know what did feel right for me until I got to Boston. I have been in love with the American lifestyle for years and going to Boston reminded me how much I love America.  So this will be my next trip, I  don’t know where yet, all I know is it will be in the US of A.

Regular readers will know what I did next, as the these posts have now been removed I will give a quick overview of what I did. I went to Los Angeles for the last three months of 2016, then flew to the UK to spend Christmas with my family. I flew to Malaysia in January 2017, living in Kuala Lumpur for a year and in January 2018 I moved to Lisbon, Portugal and it is my aim to stay here. While I was in Malaysia I visited, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea, my favorite of these are South Korea and Japan.

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