Lisbon, Portugal

The Christmas lights in Lisbon seem a little understated this year, reflective of the Covid restricted lives we have lived for most of 2020, and reminding us, perhaps, that our Christmas celebrations should also be understated to ensure we do not spread the virus and manage to live to see 2021.

It was comforting to see the tree, pictured above, in it’s usual position in Praça do Comércio, however the reality of the impact of lockdowns and social isolation was visible all around the square. At this time of year all the restaurants that surround Praça do Comércio are usually filled with people enjoying the festive season, laughing, eating and drinking, with the venues sparkly lights competing with the Christmas decorations. When I took these photos, there was just a couple of restaurants open, the others are either temporarily closed due to the restrictions or have closed permanently, and with the table and chairs all stacked up under the parasols in the gloom, it was quite a sad sight.

Whether you have got through this year unscathed or if it has been lifechanging for you, we look forward to 2121 and hope it will be better than 2020, we must have hope, I think, living in such strange times. This is the time of year that brings people together to enjoy the festivities, this may not be possible for you this December, so whether you are on your own or with friends or family, I hope you have as much festive fun as you can, or want, and I wish you a healthy, happy new year.

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