About me

January 2017

A new year and so time to do a bit of updating.  This blog’s name comes from a trip I did in 2016 which was 105 days long. During that trip I recorded  the modes of transport I used, number of flights I took -28, the number of hotels I stayed in -44, and number of countries I visited-14. See 31 July 2016 for more detail. Regular readers will see I have taken this detail off the header on the front page because it is no longer relevant.

I have now added a list of the countries that I have written about on this blog, and will update as appropriate. I put the list of airlines on as part of the recording of the 105 day trip, I am keeping this and will update as I use a new airline.

You won’t find travel tips, or advice on the best places to stay or eat on this site. It’s my personal account of what I see and do. It will give you a flavour of the places I visit, which I hope will inspire you to have your own travel adventures.

So my new year starts in Malaysia, I have no idea where I will be when it ends, I hope you enjoy my journey.

December 2016

When my 105 day trip ended in July 2016 my original plan was to go to Asia and spend time exploring the countries I haven’t been to, to find somewhere to settle. When I started this blog in April 2016 what I didn’t mention was that in March 2016 I sold my house because I didn’t want the responsibility while I was travelling. I sold the house and everything in it, apart from possessions I couldn’t part with: old photos; concert/theatre programmes; my travel books and journals; a teddy bear I’ve had since I was born; etc. etc.

When I got to Boston, (to fly to Iceland), I was reminded of how much I love the American lifestyle, so I decided to go to Los Angeles, (LA).  I spent the last three months of 2016 in LA and if you read my blog you will know what happened there.

On my 105 day trip I wrote about every day as it was a very busy itinerary, the LA trip was very different and so I only wrote something about once a week.  I decided to keep the blog name because it was the easy option.

April 2016- The trip that started this blog

I’ve  always kept a journal when I’ve gone  travelling, a paper one, which I write at the end of every day, these journals have remained private, sitting on my bookshelves in between the travel guides.  This trip is 105 days and I didn’t want to lug around a heavy paper journal big enough to record my experiences so I decided to write a blog. My sister and some of my friends are keen to know where I am and what I am up to and this blog is an easy way for them to do this, as well as being my record of what on I do this trip. I’m a private person so it’s going to be interesting for me sharing my trip with you…